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Dan Promotions Mailed to Aikikai August 17th, 2023

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

Applications mailed to Aikikai Hombu Dojo on August 17th, 2023 for registration of dan rank. Congratulations to all!

1st Dan:

Zachary Branch - Aikido of Hattiesburg

Asimina Chremos - Aikikai of Philadelphia

Lara Clements - City Aikido of Los Angeles

Jean Marc Desrosiers - Aikido la Forge

Stephan Engelke - Austin Aikikai

Adam Flynn - New England Aikikai

Graham Gilmour - Austin Aikikai

Gregory Grimes - Twin Cities Aikido Center

Gene Hurst - Aikido of Hattiesburg

John Kehayias - Aikikai of Philadelphia

Naelys Lopez - Aikido Schools of New Jersey

Richard McCarthy - Aikido of Hattiesburg

Hamid Mirzaei - Aikido of Dallas

Erin Parks - Aikido Center of Atlanta

Cynthia Smith - Aikido of Red Bank

Matthew Tom - MIT Aikido Club

Fernando Torres - Aikido of Nassau County

Pavithra Vasudevan - Austin Aikikai

2nd Dan:

Yukihisa Aokusa - City Aikido of Los Angeles

Alvin Chan - Aikido of Central New York

Steven Ehlen - Center Island Aikido

Jorge Espinoza - City Aikido of Los Angeles

James Finol - Aikido of Seminole County

Carol Huben - Aikido of Northampton

Yann Marcoux - Aikikai de l'Universitie Laval

Cullen Sarles - Twin Cities Aikido Center

Theresa Tauscher - Aikido of Chester County

Lawrence Trutter - Sangamon Aikikai

Peter Wilson - Heaven and Earth Aikido

3rd Dan:

Kian Fung - City Aikido of Los Angeles

John Lawson - Center Island Aikido

Victoria Selep - Twin Cities Aikido Center

John Tawa - Boston Aikikai

Jerry Vejar - City Aikido of Los Angeles

4th Dan:

Seth Hall - Kingston Aikido

John Ruben - Center Island Aikido

Acxel Saravaia - Lenape Aikikai



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