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The USAF has been organizing its annual summer camp since 2008. Featured along with Yamada Sensei, guest instructors have included Shibata Sensei, Sugano Sensei and Waka Sensei (Mitsuteru Ueshiba). Beginning in 2011, Osawa Sensei, Hombu Dojo, joined Yamada Sensei as summer camp's annual featured instructor. Additional classes are taught by the Technical Committee, USAF instructors, and friends of the USAF. Since 2009, camp has been held at the Dolce Seaview Hotel in Galloway, New Jersey. Each year, the USAF offers summer camp scholarships for its members. Details can be found when our registration information is posted.

Click here to view the photo galleries from our previous camps. Photos courtesy of Jaime Kahn and Javier Dominguez.


Each year professional-quality videos are produced, featuring highlights from each of the summer camp classes.  Click here to view! (COMING SOON) Videos are currently available on the USAF Youtube Channel

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