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Yoshimitsu Yamada Shihan Remembrance Page

is up and running on Facebook!

The new USAF Facebook Group, Yoshimitsu Yamada Shihan Remembrance Page, was created to provide a centralized location for Yamada Sensei's students around the world to share their photos, videos and memories of Yamada Sensei. This page is not meant for anything other than to remember our teacher in a positive and shared space. We hope you enjoy seeing how truly expansive and extensive Yamada Sensei's teaching were, and how many people he touched both on and off the mat.

This Group is open for any member to publish a post. Please do not use this group for self-promotion or advertisement. Any inappropriate content will be removed immediately, and anyone posting inappropriate content will be blocked without notice.

Photos and videos may NOT be taken from this group and used for any purpose, without consent of the owner of the materials.

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