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Official Trailer: Penny Earned - A Woman's Aikido Journey

Sit back & watch 360 Visuals Official Trailer for Penny Earned:  A Woman’s Aikido Journey.

Join Producer & Director, Jonathan Weiner ​& his team as his team capture & share Penny Bernath’s 50 year Aikido story.

Penny Bernath Shihan discovered Aikido in 1972 at a demonstration in Florida. She was immediately drawn to the grace and power of the martial art.  Under Yamada’s Sensei’s guidance, Penny progressed through the ranks, all while navigating the challenges of being a woman in the male-dominated martial arts world.  Penny Bernath’s pioneering 50-year journey reveals the transformational power of purpose and perseverance. Her Aikido mastery is a testament to empowerment through Aikido movement.

Directed by: Jonathan A. Weiner

Cinematography by: Brett Mullen

Sound Design by: Alex Thompson

Hair & Make-Up by: Danielle Maddox

Motion Graphics by: Leo Munday

Color by: Steve Mondal

Behind the Scenes by: Ben Tornesello

​Production Assistants: Jim Plunkett, Natasha Major & Kraig Corgan 

Post Production Still Photography by: Jaime Kahn & Javier Dominguez

Filmed on Location: Aikido of Charlotte

Production Company: 360 Visuals, Inc.

Official Trailer:  Penny Earned - A Woman's Aikido Journey

Aiki Best,

Jonathan Weiner, Aikido of Charlotte


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