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New York Aikikai’s “It Can’t Happen Anywhere Else” Campaign

Updated: Dec 22, 2023

New York Aikikai’s “It Can’t Happen Anywhere Else” campaign met primary goal

Stretch goals include the opportunity to dedicate a mat! 

Thanks to the support and generosity of so many, we have raised gifts and pledges totaling $490,000, which allows us to meet our base construction needs. Breathing a sigh of relief, and after a stunning Christmas seminar which brought over 200 aikidoka from over 30 dojos, we are now raising funds for new mats, and a heating and air conditioning system. 

Would you join our leadership and the leadership of many other dojos in pledging? To have your “own” mat, we are asking for a donation of $1,000. Each of our donors will have their own special message written on the back of a mat that we place on the floor of the dojo when we finish construction. Several dojos are asking for a collection so that their name can be on the back of one of the mats. Might you be interested in joining? 

If $1,000 is a stretch, we would still love to welcome a donation from you or your dojo, as every gift matters and is important. Donations under $1,000 go towards a new heating and air conditioning system, and we will dedicate one mat with the names of all of our donors collectively.

Our deadline for pledges is January 31, and then we hope to start construction soon after. Pledges may be paid over a period of three years.

To pledge a mat, and add your name to our growing list, go here:

For a one-time donation, go here: 

For support and questions, please email

Mats already dedicated:

Aikido of Ramapo ValleyAikido of Red Bank

Aikido of Westchester

Aikido of New London County

Boston Aikikai

Long Beach Island Aikikai

Marie Torrecampo Shaffer in loving member of James “Jimmy” Shaffer

Montérégie Aikikai

New York Eastside Aikikai

In memory of Richard Stickles Shihan, from his students 

In memory of Zev Gruber, from his family

Florida Aikikai, in memory of Yamada Sensei

To honor Mike Abrams, Sugano Sensei, and Yamada Sensei from Helen Bibilouri

Linda Robbins

In memory of Sayoko Tanaka and Keith Rosello

San Francisco Aikikai, in memory of Yamada Sensei

Valenzuela Family

Yoko Okamoto Sensei

To thank Hui Hu Sensei and JiZhiWu Aikikai from Jiaxuan Liang

Ramon Moralejo fro Neo, Oliver, Luna, Scooter, Buzzy, and Lennie

With gratitude and thanks,

The New York Aikikai


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