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Florida Aikikai's Winter Camp '23 a Huge Success!

Florida Winter Camp was a great success with 275 people in attendance. The energy was undeniable! Yamada Sensei’s legacy  was honored with attendance, active, varied, and passionate practice for 3 full days and a CPR/AED training class. Osawa Sensei taught along with the USAF Technical Committee - Harvey Konigsberg, Claude Berthiaume, Peter Bernath, Steve Pimsler, Andy Demko, and Penny Bernath Sensei. We were also joined by Bruce Bookman Sensei. It was an incredible teaching line up. Yamada Sensei would be proud. He trained us well. We are ready to carry on. The art is alive and growing!

Penny Bernath Shihan, Florida Aikikai

Enjoy the photos by Brad Edwards, Florida Aikikai


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