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Florida Aikikai Presents Instructional Videos

Florida Aikikai is proud to present a series of instructional Aikido kyu rank videos. These videos cover the USAF test requirements for 5th, 4th, 3rd and 2nd kyu.

The purpose of the series is to inform Florida Aikikai students what the expectations are at each level of training and to help bring consistency to the testing process. By focusing on the core skills of the kyu tests, students build a solid foundation that keeps them on track as they advance towards 1st kyu and dan testing.

Thank you to Brad Edwards for producing the videos, Peter Bernath for technical guidance, and members of Florida Aikikai for ukemi: Keith Lit, Helen Reynolds, Tabi Pereyra, and Monica Sasaki.

The video covering 3rd Kyu is up first, and the others will follow. You will be able to access them all on the Florida Aikikai You-Tube Channel.

Penny Bernath, Florida Aikikai Co-Chief Instructor, 7th Dan, Shihan

USAF Technical Committee Member


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