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An Update Regarding Yamada Sensei's Travel Plans

Dear Instructors and Aikido Community, Yamada Sensei has asked me to share his travel and upcoming seminar plans with you. Yamada Sensei is very grateful for the many invitations he is receiving to teach seminars, including special dojo anniversaries. However, for the immediate future, he will be limiting his travel engagements to focus on geographical regions in order to reach the most members possible, while also avoiding repeat trips to the same areas. Even for a short flight, it requires a couple of long hard days of travel for him. While Sensei is always eager to accept your invitations, his family, the New York Aikikai and his healthcare team have requested that he reduce his travel plans for the coming year. As always, Yamada Sensei enjoys having people visit him at NYA. He encourages you to come and attend his classes, and looks forward to any opportunity to see visitors on the mat! Sincerely, Steve Pimsler New York Aikikai


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