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A message from Yamada Sensei 12_14_2022

Dear members,

I hope you and your families are enjoying the holidays. I’m also kind of enjoying it, however, not completely.

Several years ago, if you remember, I told you a story about one homeless person who ended up staying in my room without my permission. It was my way of saying that I had an unwelcome medical condition. Well, it has happened again.

I have a very early stage of bladder cancer. My doctors have recommended I have it removed by surgery as soon as possible. I have the best doctors in the nation so I am listening to them and they tell me I should be cancer-free after the surgery. My recovery time will be short and I will be able to start teaching again.

I understand that this is bad news for you and I’m sorry I’m telling the news during the holiday season. I know you are kind enough to pray for me and I appreciate it. I must tell you that I’ll be ok and am hoping to see you again soon on the tatami.

Have a happy new year!

Y. Yamada


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