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Aikido of Red Bank's 20th Anniversary "Comeback" Seminar

Less than three months ago, when our area was experiencing the height of the omicron surge, if someone were to say we'd have a full day seminar with Yamada Sensei and Harvey Sensei on March 26th, I'd have thought they were living in an alternate universe. But as timing and fortune would have it, the case-load and rate of transmission plummeted, and we were able to proceed without much concern. Aikido of Red Bank was privileged to host this hugely successful “comeback” seminar after the two-year break that we've all endured due to COVID.

Whatever I attempt to write here fails to fully express how deeply grateful I am to all who gathered that day to support Aikido of Red Bank’s 20th anniversary seminar. Both Yamada Sensei and Harvey Sensei were thrilled to be back on the mat for such an event and were genuinely moved by the outpouring of support. We had nearly 150 people on the mat, and the experience for both Yamada Sensei, Harvey Sensei, our dojo and the greater aikido community was extraordinary.

And of course, I must thank everyone who helped with the generous offerings at the potluck party that followed. The dishes and beverages were a true cornucopia and celebratory feast!

I am truly humbled by our greater Aikido family. Almost invariably, whenever I have the occasional existential crisis about what I've committed my life to, and I consider the indefinite "what if" directions I could have taken, somehow, cosmically, my fellow aikidoka show up in a way that astounds me. I am ever-indebted to you all for that, and will continue to give you the best version of myself, whatever that happens to be day-to-day.

Thank you all once more, and I look forward to sharing many more momentous events with you.

A special thanks to Javier Dominguez for attending the seminar and providing us with these beautiful photos. (Please contact Javier for information about how to down-load/purchase these images)

Much love and Aloha!

Jim Soviero, Chief Instructor

Aikido of Red Bank


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