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Aiki Munster's 10th Anniversary Seminar

On October 8-9 we held our 10 year aikido anniversary seminar. The seminar was well attended and we had participation from several dojos - Berlin, Brussels, Luxembourg and a local dojo in Muenster. We invited three international aikido senior instructors to help celebrate this occasion. Roberto from Florence, Jisch from Luxembourg, and Christophe from France. Each instructor taught two hours over the weekend seminar providing their own insight into aikido and how aikido works for them.

I would like to say a special thanks to Gabi, co-chief instructor of our dojo, who was able to secure financial support from a well known local bank, Sparkasse-Muensterland-Ost. Without their support it would have been very difficult to plan and execute this seminar. On Saturday evening we celebrated our anniversary seminar with a community dinner at IL Pizzaiolo - pizza and beer for all!

It was a very successful event. All learned much and had a good time on the tatami.

David Ross, 5th Dan Shidoin Aiki Muenster

Gabi Bixel, 4th Dan Shidoin Aiki Muenster


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