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"A Day with Penny Sensei" on PBS KidVision

I, Penny Bernath, am a USAF 7th dan Shihan and Technical Committee member of the USAF. I am also the Education Director of South Florida PBS. As the Education Director I produce a show for PBS Kids called KidVision. The mission of the show is to inform children about people, places and programs they could be interested in, to educate and inspire.

I recently produced a show episode called ‘A Day with Sensei Penny’ to inform children about Aikido. Peter Bernath helped me as did one of our students, Helen Reynolds. My hope is that it will be valuable to both the PBS Kids community and to the Aikido community. It was produced to educate and inspire kids to try Aikido.

"A Day with Sensei Penny" will air on South Florida PBS stations this Fall and will be available on PBS Learning Media, which reaches classrooms nation-wide. I hope this will help inform kids about Aikido, and that they will then want to go to a dojo near-by. I also hope this video will be useful to you, as it can be used for promoting your kids program as well. All KidVision video for kids are available on you-tube.

Penny Bernath

Florida Aikikai


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