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A message from the European Aikido Federation to USAF member

from Luis Vasconcelos Salgado, President

Dear USAF Administration and Members,

The Aikido community is in mourning, one of its main Sensei has passed away.

Master Yamada was not just a veteran of Aikido: he was the undisputed master of many practitioners, he had taught all over the world, he was the last of O Sensei's Ushi Deshi, his family had helped Ueshiba Morihei to spread his art, he was the nephew of Abe Tadashi Sensei who brought Aikido to Europe, he was… our Master, in every sense of the word.

Several times ill, he was always on his feet, showing the example of courage and resilience, encouraging us and helping us to progress.

We are orphans of our Master. We will continue to practice in his spirit and memory, to be worthy of him.

On behalf of the European Aikido Federation and all its affiliated practitioners, I offer our sincere and deep condolences, bowing down before the memory of YAMADA SENSEI.

Luís Vasconcelos Salga

President - Chairman

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