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Fukushidoin (assistant instructor or teacher) certification is dojo-specific and the status of all applying and renewing Fukushidoin is subject to review by the Technical Committee. A Fukushidoin may test kyu ranks up to and including 1st Kyu. The following requirements apply for all Fukushidoins:
·       Must teach on a regularly scheduled basis;
·       Must be a nidan for a minimum of one (1) year or higher rank;
·       Must be recommended by the Chief Instructor of the dojo OR must be recommended either by a USAF Shihan, Shidoin, or Fukushidoin if person applying for Fukushidoin certification has his/her/their own dojo and is Chief Instructor;
·       To maintain certification, Fukushidoin must (i) renew instructor certification annually (ii) attend at least one (1) seminar taught by a TC member and one (1) major seminar each year and (iii) be an active USAF member in good standing of a USAF dojo in good standing;
·       If a Fukushidoin changes USAF dojos, the certification does not automatically transfer.
·       It is at the discretion of the Chief Instructor whether or not to grant (or renew) Fukushidoin status.

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