The United States Aikido Federation Gifting Program — It is the mission of the United States Aikido Federation (USAF) to help spread the traditional art of Aikido. In doing so, it is important to make sure that access to this art is not limited only to those with financial means. Aikido For All is a USAF Board of Directors-driven program to help make USAF sponsored seminars and camps accessible to its diverse population of members interested in further pursuing their aikido practice. By funding these efforts, the USAF Board will be fulfilling its goal of spreading the highest level of Aikido to both individuals and small and growing dojo that may not be able to afford hosting seminars instructed by USAF Shihan and/or Shidoin. Our ultimate goal is to help improve the quality of Aikido instruction in the USAF to the highest level possible while spreading Aikido throughout the United States.

The USAF Gifting Program financially supports this goal through two main avenues:

  • Providing USAF Summer Camp scholarships to USAF member students who may not be able to afford Camp.
  • Subsidizing USAF Shihan and Shidoin teaching fees for small and growing Aikido clubs that may not be able to afford to host a seminar on their own.

Additional projects and outreach programs are being explored. We are excited to offer the opportunity to individuals who are interested in gifting to the USAF and thereby supporting its programs aimed at spreading the teachings of Aikido. Since the USAF is a non-profit organization, all gifts are tax deductible.

Gifting can be for scholarships or to support seminar opportunities:

  • Yonkyu Club ($10 to $99)
  • Sankyu Club ($100 to $299)
  • Nikyu Club ($300 to $499)
  • Ikkyu Club ($500 to $999)

To support the growth of Aikido instruction by assisting with dojo seminar oportunites:

  • FukuShidoin Circle ($1,000 to $2,499) – Payments can be spread over a three-year period
  • Shidoin Circle ($2,500 to $4,999) – Payments can be spread over a three-year period
  • Shihan Circle ($5,000 to $10,000) – Payments can be spread over a five-year period

All expenditures of funds will be approved by the USAF Board of Directors and all individuals and clubs who gift will be recognized by receiving a receipt of their respective gifts and recognition in USAF outreach materials.

All questions about the Gifting Program should be sent by e-mail to: